Side town of Manavgat district of Antalya Province, tourism is very popular in the sense that the very crowded, which is rich in history in a cute little place on the Mediterranean coast.

BC Speaking of historical richness 7. residents of a city dating back to the need to say that a hundred years. Lydians, Persians, Alexander the Great and the Roman colony of Helenleşme then capable of being, a town in Side Mediterranean climate. Going through a very hot summers with warm winters, precipitation as rain, there are places. Side is the most intense periods of the summer because they have central or around the beaches of wonderful fine sand all over the world with 5 star hotels for popüleştiği especially from Germany, from Russia, Holland was a borough attracts tourists from different countries in Europe. When we look at the geographical characteristics of the region’s most important feature of the Taurus Mountains and see that the parallel to the beach. One of its central location and a beautiful peninsula is surrounded by sea on 3 sides, so it is possible to swim around both within the borough.

Date of town a lot, because it is an important historical ruins are in the fact that a taraftanda anlamdada its very own town.