To stay young, to protect the secret of youth for many years to junkie-fetmek * is a new method was introduced as a result of the research firm. AntiAging. The goal of this method, many years of your youth to protect and keep you fit! Anti-aging method, the important thing is not how long you live, the higher the quality value, the amount of time you live! From there it’s possible to delay aging, we know that you reach the youth. Human life is soon to push the boundaries of 125 years. As well as advanced age, middle aged and zindeliğiyle vigor! To achieve this you need to do to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on consciousness and anti-aging experts to take into account your doctor’s recommendations. anti-aging

There are many reasons, but because of aging a large extent we can control the most important 3. This causes;

Free radicals
hormones decrease
unhealthy living

You can also open these factors, the war, protect the long years of your youth.

What are Free Radicals
While breathing oxygen entering the body, as well as “free radical” so-called, have lost electrons leads to the emergence of harmful substances. Free radicals, they found textures combine them, makes it unable to function. This effect begins 30 years old, 40s and 50s age is moving increasingly from multiplying and noticed a dramatic emergence of an aging and leads to many diseases. Glycolization showing the ups and downs in blood sugar and insulin Uncontrolled tissues causing harm. A powerful anti-oxidant system to have the most basic requirement for oxygen-based life. Single-celled organisms, they were cultivated, even if the defense mechanism against free radicals, kalamazlardı alive. Neutralize this danger is to systems of living organisms with oxygen, but it shows the great differences in the degree of becoming effective. For example, mice are not very well to stop free radicals. Their DNA is exposed to free radical attack every day, ten times higher than in humans. Mice only live a few years. People are better in this respect. We are living longer.

Our bodies fight free radicals, there are 3 groups of peace-Unmade line.
1. The first line is located in the enzyme systems. These molecular tools in DNA produced by the body according to the information available. It removes free radicals, enzymes, or their “spine” blunts.

2. The second line, produced in the body is located in a wide variety of biomolecules, they resolve the hunger of free radicals by giving their electrons. These molecules, known as the extracellular free radical etkisizleştiricileri. These are vital molecules in the cell by sacrificing themselves, they give an electron to be.

3. The last line of defense from outside the body ready for food-as-creates the substances. This reinforcement of forces can act by sacrificing themselves. If they are in the natural functioning of our body enzymes in the first group due to external factors (smoking, breathing polluted air, toxic load accumulated by stress), inadequate Has been classified as bio-oxidative therapies ozone / oxygen therapy may be necessary to reinforce such methods.

These enzymes, nutrients, and the third group received the last and the outside ready to sacrifice themselves to show the effect of biochemical substances (vitamins, etc.) a thousand times more effective. For example, a free radical of vitamin E found in a hunger of prey to feed itself is in fact a elektronundan give up and thus becomes a free radical