Originating from the Taurus Mountains around Antalya and many rivers flowing towards the sea there are Ak. In ancient times these rivers is one of the oldest people in the river and the bridge of tea to use the rivers always wanted their own benefits.

This is quite abundant rivers to water with boats on these rivers actually uses all became commercially viable. This bridge is one of the tea on the name of this ancient city, founded the ancient city of Aspendos is very important.

What are the characteristics of Aspendos Aspendosun temple? Aspendos BC history 2. can say that we know is going a hundred years. Aspendos Aspendos Aspendosu and who are building two of the most important. Aspendosa One of them is to bring water from aqueducts, Roman aqueducts that perhaps the main hail Aspendos aqueduct, which he survived, we know the best image. Another structure that is important in the ancient theater of Aspendos Aspendosda Roman style was full up and down 15 thousand 20 thousand people, some sources even say that fits. Standing still in very good condition before it was repaired by the Seljuks in the time of Atatürk palace was used as a caravan, a lot of the performance of classical music is an arena of today. A very beautiful image, which has a wonderful history of our space acoustics.