Austria is a country in central Europe. 47% of landlocked terrain is covered with forests. Hoses are neighbors Maceristan capital city of Vienna, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia has. Hotline Vienna is the capital of 2 million inhabitants.

Before the Second World War was the most populous city after Paris and London was the most populous city, but after the war, the population has decreased due to losses now. Very very quiet peaceful quiet of a city properly. The official language is German, Catholic Hıristyandır to as religion.

We think you can remember the pioneer of classical music of Mozart is Austria, classical music, the spirit of Mozart’s already spread to the entire city as a peaceful and quiet city of the country. To as the season pretty cold winters, seasonal normals karyağışlıdır below zero in winter months from December to February ligaments. Therefore, this ski has a very nice ski areas.

Vienna directly, if we consider other more beautiful cities, Salzburg ola ola Gleisdorf knows knows the bidet. Cheerleader Observer is an important tourist and rose to as an alternative desinasyondur These cities include Austria, including Vienna, the capital gezilicek are very beautiful places. Now, a short train mesafelerindende Czech Republic, The length, Maceristan, Budapest, knows Slovakyaya & Introduction. For short periods of holidays have Oralardada knows.