RIM, the company said in a statement this morning, millions of email and internet service for three days alamamasına’s leading technical problem, then, this morning, from the Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, the service “significant improvement” reported is provided.
RIM said in a statement last night, in Europe, data obstruction caused by a malfunction, the problem has occurred due to flow to the rest of the world, stating the fault affecting the global network of information kaynaklanmadığına pointed to piracy.
Blackberry users, for a period of three days faydalanamamış SMS service with internet browser, but the phone feature kullanabilmişlerdi.

Blackberry phones manufacturer RIM, Mike Lazaridis owner, apologized to its customers. Criticized because of technical issues, solutions to the challenges of RIM (Research in Motion) company owner Mike Lazaridis, Youtube and the video statement released by the company’s website, “In 1999, when the real goal of this company, people around the world simultaneously, and the opportunity to present the most convenient communication. The last three to this day, our goal getiremediğimiz instead, I apologize to all our customers, “he said.