Recently, a very common dry eye disease, the causes, diagnosis and treatment methods Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr. Mohamed Birgul inform ..

Soft, air-conditioning, television and computer use, with the increasing number of people too ‘dry eye syndrome’ came to be seen. Television and computer use because it reduces the frequency of eye blinking, the front surface of the eye and dry eye symptoms begin to appear ıslanamaz good. Dry, air-conditioned environments are among the major causes of illness.

Complaints are as follows;

After sitting for a long time at a computer eye fatigue, stinging, redness
Sinking, and itchy eyes often
A feeling of dryness, itching almost as if there were grains of sand under the eyelids
The eyelids are stuck in the morning
In fact, tearing eyes and not see clearly.

If you have any complaints must be checked by a doctor is required to pass this. Dry eye, tear film layer and the outer layer of the eye is a complex disorder and the most common eye disease in recent times.
If you need a comprehensive eye examination in the diagnosis of disease and then be determined by tests of a team. Schirmer’s test is very important, especially at this point, information is obtained about the amount of tears in this test.