We know that the entertainment life in Fethiye together under three main headings.

Entertainment center of Fethiye and night life, great beaches, small bays and beaches of the bidet say that the entertainment lives. Turkish pop music-making rather than the center of Fethiye, where the dark bars, or any other foreign European tourists have fun together in the form of more than a quiet beer in the evenings are quiet bars. Bidet, who was, of course, there is a fish market, and until late at night, too, around which there is a small restaurant in the life of an entertainment to dining.

You are looking for a young and vibrant nightlife, especially the beach of the dead girl right next to the sea and village settlements that we talk about the nightlife. These places hold the rack in the Turkish pop music, music-making places, bars and every kind of folk music, enjoy Arish bars, dance is very possible to find places which cater to.

How has life in a fun nightlife of Fethiye Fethiye? Beach party in the upper valley still know right away that the poplar. Daily and prickly plants, such as the saddle west of Fethiye bays held their own in the beach akşamlarıda know is infectious.