Monkey Research Center in Oregon in the U.S. medical experiments conducted on monkeys, AIDS vaccine is developed can be applied to people within three years.
Loss of Acquired Immunity Syndrome””scientists find cure for the deadly AIDS disease for 25 years, leading AIDS-causing HIV virus enters the body as it were, the first vaccine used most vulnerable moments.

Published in the journal Nature, Dr. Science. Louis Picker’ın According to research, experiments, half of the monkeys, like HIV and AIDS,”Simian immunodeficiency virus (the monkey immune deficiency virus),”a year living with the condition show no symptoms came.

Dr. Picker, to try in the AIDS vaccine on humans within three years of life geçirilebileceğini reported.

Dr. Picker’la team, AIDS vaccine experiment, cold sores (herpes) virus is a virus linked cytomegalovirus’ü (CMV) used on the monkeys.

CMV virus may remain in the body through a lifetime of killing HIV first enters the stage, stage of the method was attempted and was successful in this.

Dr. Picker has stopped, indicating that the first stage of the HIV virus is weak, the killing of the first stage of AIDS virus enters the body, he said. Many people living in the CMV virus in monkeys with AIDS were found to be important tools in the war.

Experiment and the results helped the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, WHO expert Dr. about. Wayne Koff,”Here you are excited, the first time, the result is that a successful AIDS vaccine on animals. Important sign of how the vaccine was applied on the human,”he said.

Professor of the University of British Royal. Dr. Robin Shattock,”experiment, the use of the vaccine virus to infectious disease is a major step”he said.

Over 16 thousand volunteers in Thailand two years ago has given hope to the AIDS vaccine experiment, but a permanent result except for a very small group sağlamamıştı