Throughout history has been a very important center of Antalya, Helenislik period beginning after the arrival of Alexander the Great up and down the western kingdom of Pergamum have dominated the main hail.

BC is so advanced that the kingdom of Pergamum 2. and 3 At the end of a hundred years and they have become the need of Pergamum Bergama kingdom, the kingdom of Ak Atalos sea ports, a port city of Antalya, where it is installed and turned to the walls of this port city, the city’s name with his own name, a name coming isimlendirmiş. Atalos city had its own name adıda Atalya, subject to Atalya’dan this time returned to Antalya. Today we look at Antalya, 20 to 30 years before it will encounter a very small town. But the importance to tourism in Turkey is booming and Antalya. Today, Turkey is becoming one of the biggest cities. Antalya, Antalya, not only in the precinct locations, full of a lot worth seeing for a ride.