We need to go to the Schengen visa, green Avusturyaya visa is required passports of citizens. Normal passport citizens must obtain a visa. It does not need to apply personally for the Schengen visa agencies know tarafındanda forehead.

The documents required for Schengen visas:

Documentation Work and Gain
salary bodrosu
Signature sirkütleri
Login information, Social Security

For those who own business:

Tax Bill
Activity newspaper
the gazette
Copy of bank passbooks and title deeds
Hotel and flight reservation information

They know who has applied for a visa to collect the above documents.

Schengen visa from the Consulate of Australia to ensure they know will be increasingly ilede visas from their countries. Green passport do not need a visa, you need to get a visa in children. Providing a student certificate for each child with the need to apply for a visa. The average takes four business days in Istanbul and Ankara have large embassies to these channels, who were head stamped and you know also knows kanalındanda agency.

There are direct flights from Turkey brought their know take the form of 2 trips per day. Takes an average of two and a half hours of flight time, landing at Vienna ordanda then again, a private car to the city or metro taxsi be used in the know. For those who want to go with the car around 6500km distance from Turkey Avusturyaya 3 or 4 days, it is necessary to continue with this process breaks.