We speak the same language as the input we could do without a passport and the magnificent island of Cyprus’s most beautiful region of Northern Cyprus, entertainment, beaches, citrus groves, mountains and valleys with an astonishing beauty. Cypriots are hospitable, gave them the tranquility of this island in the Mediterranean, and it is right to reflect all the guests.

Persians, Romans, Ottomans and British, and has hosted many civilizations that have the most beautiful examples of this civilizations, Cyprus has been the subject of Shakespeare’s famous play Othello’ya. 3 in this state, the Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia What is the largest island.

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Very far from the golden sands is actually next to us looking for … Karpas, northeastern tip of the island of Cyprus extending to Anatolia, the peninsula is the name of a sharp and long. The most beautiful and unspoilt beaches on the golden beaches of the island mythology goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite (Venus) is referred to as the birth place.

According to legend, a sparkling spring morning suddenly motionless sea which are excited by a white wave and the wave throws with a step of a sea shell on the shore of Aphrodite.

Golden sandy coves of turquoise-colored, blue sea, pretty caretta carettas, tranquility and sheer golden sands reflect the true beauty of Aphrodite.

Along the northern coastal city of Famagusta to the wharf after the feast of nature begins to offer Karpaz. The kilometers of sandy beaches, olive trees, herds of goats, desert-covered slopes and lonely bays makilerle are stacked side by side. Dipkarpaz’a tip of the peninsula up to the final settlement will go on this way. TRNC in the park in the world, only in this region ofrisi Cyprus, there are orchids by orchids and giant hill orkisi.