Australia’s most beautiful city of Vienna with all the flights, even flights are direct to Vienna. Descends two or diagnosis is delayed from the airport to Vienna Metro in Vienna, which uses Pass you know, you know, you know kiralıya Car, Bus or taxsi which uses which uses you know you know. Navigated car leasing advantageous Turkish menu is actually very comfortable feeling the way you know.

4 hours after their stay in Vienna is 3Gün know Salzburg’ka past. Kisbuhel going there in winter, ski areas, can you help as Zelamza. In these three hours to two and a half away from the center of Vienna. There are alternatives to skiing in Australia.

In general, the most beautiful places to be seen in the opera building. Should not see it there two or three times a week or even dengue gelinirse classical music recitals are held there. Ticket sales booth set up at the door dressed as Mozart doing watching forehead knows from there fares are from € 90 to € 30. The price range varies according to location in the hall, there is better to see it gone.

Recommend that you have to go by means of a very beautiful palace of Schönbrunn Vienna directly Schönbrunnun 4-5 minutes but with the metro is very beautiful garden. Free entrance into the palace garden entrance fee is around € 12. Is located 1400’tane queens of that period, they drank coffee and tea rooms kings life style tables, chairs, beds, is able to see mefruşatları. A very beautiful palace garden and landscape is very beautiful. 750’tane working gardener has a very large garden.

The rear side of the zoo, the zoo has Schönbrunnların holidays have gone there knows. Yukarısındada are a bit more of a cafeteria. There is a cafeteria on the princess Ozamanki etrafıgözetlediği mist drank coffee.

The cathedral is the Cathedral of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the largest gez you know it there. Winter palace, summer palace, the parliament building, the military buildings are among the places gezilicek. Tatilse intention to visit the Vienna cultural excursions for tourist is going to recommend.