State in central Asia in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan is a mountainous land. Capital Kabul. Population of 657 500 km2 area of ​​the country’s population of nearly 15 million population before the invasion of Soyyet 1.424 million today (1998), respectively. The country’s official language, Pashto and Persian. Islam is the official currency Afghani religious. Combining Eastern and Western Asia is on the main pivot, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan and China is surrounded by.

Kuşaniler Turanian descent from Turkistan to the past, received under the domination of Afghanistan. Hazrat-i Osman to the vicinity of the armies of Islam reached Kabul. Time, the armies of Islam Hadrat Muawiya 627’de Gregorian Herat, Balkh and Kabul conquered cities. Abdurrahman bin Samura was the governor of Basra, the commander. Islam was entirely Muslim Afghan people choosing this date. Yaqub bin 871’de Gregorian Leys, Gazne was conquered. Gregorian Ghaznavid State was founded in the tenth century. Ghaznavid Empire, Seljuks and then the north of Afghanistan dies, the other part of the State was founded in Guri. Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan. Lived in two centuries, the Tajik government was established. Timur Khan put an end to this state. Zahirüddin Timur’s grandson, Muhammad Babur, Kabul and marched towards the city took delivery of Fergana’dan. Afghanistan, and Iran was divided among the Indo-Mongolian Empire.

Nadir Shah, the Shah of Iran wanted to conquer Afghanistan in 1739. Assassinated died, Nadir Shah’s cavalry commander, Ahmed Shah union was the capital of Kabul in 1747 by establishing a new state. Ahmad Shah died, was dragged into chaos. Dost Muhammad, and in 1835 the Afghan Emirate declared prevented confusion. And in 1857 the British defeated the British in the treaty was defeated.

The Russians invaded in 1868, Samarkand and Bukhara. The Oxus with the Treaty of 1873 (Ceyhun) River was the border of Afghanistan and Russia. Gürganiye’yi destroyed an Islamic state in India, the British invaded Afghanistan in the nineteenth century. After the country was invaded by the Russians. In 1907, the British, the Russians agreed Afganlılara gave semi-independence. Gained full independence in 1921 Emir Amanullah management. Was governed as a constitutional emirate. In 1964, Muhammad Zahir Shah (1933-1973) enacted a constitution hazırlatıp. With this constitution, parliamentary government was formed. But on July 17, 1973 General Mohammed Daoud Mohammed Zahir Shah during his visit to Italy, a military coup overthrew the government of. Repealed by declaring a cessation of the Constitution of 1964, the administration began a military council hometown. After this date, many instabilities occurred in the political history of Afghanistan.

satellite map of Afghanistan