The treatment of obesity that the weight to go down to a healthy weight goal is to protect people. Healthy weight as an improvement in aesthetics will naturally go down, but never aim of therapy in obesity is not aesthetic.

Excess weight is created by people associated diseases are necessary to prevent the formation of the improvement or weight loss Not everyone will be different. Excessive weight gain due to the formation of all the patients in each patient is different, there is no way a miracle will give a definitive result. The patient should be evaluated by a team of experts due to the formation of excess weight should be put and the way people set up a special treatment.

Even if only a 10% weight loss in a very positive consequences for health should not be forgotten, and the slow (1 to 1.5 pounds per week), but should aim regularly to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

Priority to changing food habits and behavior in the treatment of excessive weight and energy (energy) to increase consumption. If these measures are not sufficient, use of drugs or endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures may be in question


The main goal is to reduce the calories değiştirilmesindeki Food habits. Each person’s metabolic rate, associated items, and way of life is different when it comes to obesity, is strictly under the supervision of a doctor and dietitian with the diets should be designed and monitored.

General meaning of vegetables, processed high-calorie carbohydrate-free, low-fat foods will impact weight loss. Very low calorie diets, fast weight loss in a short time often does not provide permanent weight loss and health damage.

Studies with the diet-only treatment of morbid obesity, but reveals that 3% of success.

Motion to increase

Morbid obesity, lack of movement and energy consumption çıkar.Günlük encountered as a result of a lack of hemde why more calories as fat accumulation in bringing the movement of overweight makes it very difficult.

Daily walking time and increase the frequency to increase the level of action, instead of the elevator could be effective even select a ladder methods. 30 minutes 4-5 days a week on a regular walk is a good way to start. Density can be done easily and immediately applied to everyday business of the measures will increase the willingness to begin with.

Sports history, associated diseases due to non-overweight people with a pass and checked by a doctor in sports starting sıklıkda and intensity level that suits them very important to do sports.

Behavioral Change

Provided the most difficult behavioral change in the treatment of excessive weight change. This is not only less food and more sports to include all your life to bring change. The joys and the sorrows and difficulties in coping with the detection method, the shape and order of daily business of making friends, even friends you do spent time, require changes to your selection.

First of all sections of the existing life determine your shape and contribute to excessive weight, often eating them çıkartmalısınız.Bu your life that triggered the idea to stay away from the media and the circumstances require.

This change of course will not be easy or quick.

Changes to move the success of a “business plan” to do and this is a “work” must apply to the responsibility.

Realistic expectations and goals you can not lose 5 pounds or sport koymalısınız.Haftada koşamayacağınızı marathon start from scratch you must accept the first month. Objectives of the document and must follow the process of realization.

Drug Use

Drug use does not work with other methods, body mass index (BMI) over 30 who have BMI is over 27 pounds due to concomitant disease (sleep apnea syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) can be used in people with a method.

Long-term or continuous use of drugs currently in use is not recommended any time. There are side effects of drugs in the long run all of them and left to show a lasting impact.

U.S. food and drug administration approved drugs

1) Sibutramine (Meridia)

Saturation at the end of the sense of one’s exercise and diet chemically çabuklaştırır.Çalışmalar 1 year than patients who choose the path of a very few have made a difference göstermiştir.Uykusuzluk, hypertension, head ağarısı reported side effects such as dry mouth, and nervousness.

2) orlistat (Xenical)

This drug impairs the absorption of fatty substances in the absorption of essential vitamins and in some domains bozabildiğinden eder.Uzun period, the use of additional vitamins and minerals taken etkiniğinde gerektirir.Sürekli reduction and has side effects such as diarrhea.


Morbid obesity balloon placement of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures include interventional treatment.