Stain Treatment of Skin: hyperpigmentation caused by the effect of the sun’s rays, a large stain on the skin creates the images. In addition, acne scars, pregnancy, excessive antibiotic use, cosmetic products, such as the wrong reasons, causes the formation of spots on the skin.

Herbal products, patches, within a period of several methods of reaching permanent results. At the same time applying these herbal products, skin irritation or rash not do any advantage. 3 months regular vegetable peelinglerle applied to the skin to a large extent of restructuring and opening spots observed.

In some spots, acne scars and for the settlement of issues like tarzıaki, the top layer of the skin must be cleaned. Plants that we call the process of applying the exfoliating skin peel, definitely not be applied to the skin excessively. This process should be appropriate to the nature of herbal skin kürlerle.

Care for Oily Skin

First, the skin cleaned with an herbal cleansing gel, apricot oil, apply a thin layer behind. A handful of thyme, chamomile, lemon and rosemary plants, 1 / 2 lt. gülsuyunda, boiled and filtered through a transport. Then 2 green clay into the palm, with the solid filtered plant extract with a slurry is created. Sage essential oil is added to a coffee spoon. Prepared with this mixture for 4 weeks once a week to apply. This application must be applied after the herbal tonic and moisturizer.

Dry Skin, skin care spots

The skin should be cleaned with a suitable skin cleanser. Afterwards, under-eye skin, avocado, or jojoba oil driven absorption of all but expected. A handful of ponytail, Zucchini flower, a piece of fruit, avocado, chamomile and marshmallow plants 1 / 2 lt. boiled and filtered through a transport gülsuyunda. The prepared plant extract, 2 handful of seaweed powder or slurry made with soy flour, a teaspoon into the royal jelly should be added. One day a week for 4 weeks, including application of this mask should be done, then a restorative herbal product should be applied