There are different categories of places to stay in Antalya, where, if you like smaller hotels prefer boutique hotels in the city you love to be going into the castle at that time in Antalya.

There are endless options of historic buildings have been renovated, this beautiful hotels, courtyards, landscapes, sea views, you’ll love it when you exit out of date at any time from your hotel you’ll get the chance to roam on foot in touch. Antalya, located in the best hotels in the world except maybe have a very nice facilities. These are all 5 star hotels and even a giant nature of resort facilities, some facilities, the hotels with golf in Belek has the right Golf alanlarınında. The only problem here is probably the hotels are so beautiful when you go to these hotels do not have the opportunity to get out. You will have to stay at the hotel that pruning is not a good thing for travelers in the meantime we need to capture the balance of these facilities ourselves into a good eye on the environment kapamayalım imprisoned. Beneficial to read through what is happening out there.