There are too many to visit and see the place in the Mediterranean, historic sites, primarily in the basement that you start olarak’tan first need to see the castle.

When you emerge with the natural beauty rather than Marmaris Marmaris. There’s also a castle in the statutory time. When we continue towards the east is seen a very interesting history and culture. One of them is used as the capital city of the Lycians, and its continuation Zantos have eyebrow. Kaşın’da ancient theater is very beautiful, there is also a historic church Kas to see Mira’s on the way. Mayra is a Roman theater in the ancient city has a very nice. Phaselis in Antalya on the road again we see when we went to the right direction. Positivity is present with all the splendor Faselisin continuation Antalya, Antalya, one of the places to be seen inside the castle. But at the same time and Aspendos east of Antalya, Perge, Aspendos to date have come from the Romans and is seen as one of the best-preserved cities. Side to Side, the museum will continue from there you should see there too you know. Roman theater in Side, there is also a very beautiful Roman city of Mersin and direction do you see coming.