Stretches along the northern boundary of the Nepali Himalayas, Eastern and Western endexlidir. Has a 7600 meter peak on the 23, the world’s highest peak, 8 Nepaldedir 14. These are the higher one is above 8000 meters, 8850 meters high in 1999, according to recent measurements everes apex.

Eber necessarily have to leave to visit the summit of the Himalayan mountains. Easily disagree with your purchase of the larger cities, will know when you ala lukyaya biliceğiniz or local agencies, can you help with a very nice walking tours. These are the physical preparation for the technique, and according to the degree of difficulty on the trail according to the degree of difficulty deter you know in advance. There really is very pleasant walks, walking tours of the season, sometimes because they contain glacial rock tırmanışınıda, everyone has to think about it if it is appropriate to advance.

Şalpalarında Mera summit nepal government official living area and exit the high-altitude hiking path permits. At the same time, the main camp anaturna hiking, Gurkan popular parkurlardandır to do in the march.

Not only for walking or climbing Himalaya’lar not one of the commands in the sport where a lot of alternatives. For example, Shiva puri katlandu basin north of the valley can you help rock climbing and bird watching. Bird watching is very popular in recent years, especially in Nepal an alternative sport. Rock in the center and bird watching tours Katmandur trmanışı know who organized the infectious agents.

Rafting, again, supported by the Ministry of Culture Ministry of Nepal determined by the degree of difficulty of a sports ministry ranging from 1 to 5 are designated 16 trails in the river. But rafting is a very important issue for safety experienced in raftingte suggest choosing a good tour company.

The months of November and March, the end of October and May is the ideal time for these walks, especially in periods of October. At the same time hot air balloon ride other alternative sports, paragliding, safari, fishing, a lot of other alternative sports such as mountain biking, can you help the Himalaya Mountains.