Nepal Mountains, covering 65% of the country with around 19% to 20 only Himalaya’lardır Nepal. Mount Everest is known as the roof of the world with 8850 meters altitude hayalindedir everyone to see closer. Everest, there are two ways of seeing them closely one is climbing the hard way. The second is a one-hour flight with Everest Everest, according to flight with the Katmandudan know.

A short walk to the base camp to climb on top of Everest, or if you want to do, before you have to Lukyaya plane. Then there started from there Namce bazardan after supplying the needs of the necessary supplies last professional team, along with hiking, the journey starts at an elevation of the route begins with a steadily rising. For this route, if you are attending a direct ascent yapmıcaksanız 8-16-20 daily organized tours, some are walking tours. Different for each route between 3850 to 5600 meters high greener dont hesitate.

Mera peak altitude of 6476 meters walk from the highest point of the Nepal government’s formal permission. Conservation area was created along the Himalayas, such as arnapurna are many other hiking parkuruda. If you stay in the group to walk yicekleriniz will be provided by the local agency. But if you want to do these walks alone, you must not miss opportunities for a well on the way home villages or tea. Especially need to pay attention to the water with you.

Let’s say you want to see Everest Everest tırmanmıyacaksınız but can you help Katmandudan flight with companies such as spinning the Buddha. Total time about one and a half to go to the airport to fly will come. But at the beginning of the monsoon rains knows gerçekleşmiye flights because flights are allowed only when security conditions are met.